• I approached Aaron from CTS because I needed a mentor while studying my certificate 4 in fitness.
    Aaron helped me by sharing his extensive knowledge and assisting me with the practical components of my course.
    Doing my training at CTS resulted in a very in-depth and personalised experience, which might not be possible in other gyms.
    I liked their detailed approach and emphasis on postural assessments and correction. I found all the trainers at CTS to be very welcoming and willing to accommodate and help me out.

    I would recommend Aaron and CTS to anyone who is studying and looking for a mentor that will really deliver the next level of training.


  • I found the mentoring very informative. It showed me a different outlook to training and why it is important to first address any injuries and imbalances throughout the body before commencing any hardcore training, as jumping into this will only cause further and/or new injuries. I learnt things I have never realized before, including the importance of diaphragm breathing, not just in training, but also for everyday life.

    I also learnt about posture and the affects it has on the body and your training if it’s incorrect. We also learnt about how to close sales using the client’s preference test results (learning style) and referring constantly back to their goals. Overall, the mentoring was enjoyable and educational and I would recommend it to all new trainers entering the fitness industry.


  • Coming to CTS has been an enjoyable experience. Aaron was very accommodating and made sure that I was exposed to all aspects of running a PT studio, not just training clients. I was able to learn about marketing strategies, as well as to observe PT sessions and get involved in Group Training. Cross Training Systems provided me with a greta learning experience and I am grateful to Aaron and the team for having me during my trainer experience. Thanks Cross Training Systems.


  • Being with Aaron at Cross Training Systems has given me a fantastic insight into the fitness community, and what it takes to build a client base, and structure a business at the same time. I feel it will give me a head start in my career having learnt these skills from an experienced trainer. As well as being a very informative week, it has been a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it to any potential prospective personal trainer.


  • Trainer experience at CTS has been a different but rewarding experience. Aaron’s knowledge of exercises and technique correction was exceptional. He showed how the whole studio worked from the PT, group classes, to training and prospecting out in the public. It was very interesting working in a studio gym rather than in a commercial one. The training is more personal and ‘silver service’. Aaron and his team concentrate not only on the training side of things but on the nutrition and whole lifestyle. I would definitely recommend any trainer to experience CTS for the different experience and the training tips and guidelines.


  • The 12-week mentoring program at CTS has been an invaluable learning experience. It has shown me that being a great personal trainer and really making a positive difference in people’s lives is about a lot more than just giving clients a few exercises to do and sending them on their way. You have to address all aspects of a person’s health and lifestyle to achieve good results.

    I’ve learned how to perform advanced posture assessments and why it’s important to correct posture prior to commencing strength training, to set good foundation for movement patterns and decrease the risk of injuries to clients. I’ve also learned how to address client’s existing injuries and aches and pains, with rehabilitation exercises and trigger point therapy.

    I particularly enjoyed the practical sessions and learning about the different phases of training (posture correction, strength and endurance etc.) and getting tips on how to best cue client’s to correct techniques.

    Other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, such as sleep, correct breathing, hydration and nutrition were also discussed. Information regarding good nutrition was very helpful, as this plays a huge role in weight loss, which is what the majority of our clients are seeking.

    I recommend this mentoring to any personal trainers who wish to increase their knowledge of health and fitness, especially those interested in posture correction and rehabilitation.


  • “I thought Cross Training Systems was great to do trainer experience at. I like their way of assessing each client, and also doing posture correction before getting into the initial training is great.
    I’m very interested in the nutrition side of things they offer is great because that is a lot of people’s downfall.
    Overall I liked doing my experience here. The staff were all friendly and the group training was fun.
    I’ll be sure to recommend it to any friends who go on the T.E in the future”.

    Lily Langford

  • Cross Training Systems provides a great learning environment. The staff are all friendly, highly knowledgable and happy to demonstrate and answer any questions you may have. You get a real idea of what being a personal trainer would be like and they keep you involved in the day-to-day activities.
    I have learned more about posture and technique execution in one week than I thought was possible. It has also improved my confidence from the practice in prospecting.

    Jonathon Eske

  • CTS is a place with a lifetime of information. Aaron, Rob and Brett really opened my eyes to different things. They know how to make training fun and enjoyable.
    They are constantly working on improving and growing themselves and improving their clients.
    They are all very friendly and willing to help anyone.

    Catherine Santamaria

  • My name is Kylie Baxter. I have 2 kids and I am a Personal Trainer and massage therapist.
    When I decided to be a part of the ‘Level 1 Specialised Trainer’ course, I was very excited to learn new things that could allow me to better help my clients.
    The knowledge and support was not only amazing but very useful and rich! I really enjoyed being with a group of others where we can learn about life and how to live a better way.
    The training has given me the opportunities and confidence to help my clients in the best way possible. I have incorporated what I have learnt, with my group training sessions, my massage clients, and my One-on-One personal training sessions. My clients are impressed and have seen noticeable changes. I would do the 6 week course again and again!
    Thanks you to Aaron for being an amazing mentor. You are very supportive, patient and I am privileged to have had the opportunity to learn so much from you. It has changed not only my thinking, but my way of life.

    Kylie Baxter

  • My name is Joel and I have spent the last week with Aaron and staff. They are a wealth of information and I feel very fortunate to have been able to learn and be trained by them. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn about the industry and personal improvement.

    Joel O’Connor

  • Thank you so much guys this is just what I imagined your detail and knowledge if the fitness industry and what people want is superb, we have already caught the eyes of new clients, thanks so much. Your movement coach.

    Movement Coach

  • I loved my time at Cross Training Systems. I have learned a lot about becoming a successful Personal Trainer and running a successful business while I’ve been here.
    Prospecting, posture analysis, circuit training, finances, personal management, marketing, and goal setting were aspects that we focused on while being here. I would highly recommend any student to come to Cross Training Systems for the experience. They will learn a lot about running a business in the fitness industry and being a successful Personal Trainer.

    Harvard Ye

  • Over the past week, I have soaked in a wide range of knowledge in all aspects of the personal training field. This includes prospecting, posture analysis and correction, circuit training, personal training, finances, personal management, marketing, presentation and customer service.
    I would highly recommend trainer experience at Cross Training Systems to all new graduates to discover more about real world situations and business.

    John Cameron

  • From the time that I spent here, I learnt a lot from the trainers and the staff at Cross Training Systems. I have felt that there are so many things I could learn from this company. I have seen other ways of business in this industry but the way Cross Training Systems do things, it obviously works from all the testimonials. I would definitely recommend tis company to friends and family.

    Rashid Ahmadi